A love of sneakers was one of the things we shared with our father. They were the topic of many conversations we had and many activities we shared when we gathered together. We lost our father unexpectedly to a heart attack in April. Though his untimely death has had a devastating impact on our lives, we've chosen to honor him in a way that we believe would make him proud. In a tribute to our dad's memory, we started Joeyz Sneaker Finesse, an online retailer of new and used rare sneakers. Through our business, not only will we able to stay connected to our dad through the passion for sneakers that we shared, but we will have the opportunity to impact the lives of others by making donations to organizations that are devoted to battling heart disease.

Our mission is simple. We want to help sneaker lovers make a statement by expressing themselves through sneakers.
At Joeyz Sneaker Finesse, sneakers are our passion, not just a hobby. We believe that shoes are the heart of a look, not merely an accessory and we want to bring you the most sought-after and sneakers around. When you visit our website we hope to provide you with a sneaker experience by not only showcasing the best looks but also giving you information that will hopefully enhance your appreciation for great sneakers.